Sell chemicals online.


Forget about [endless]calls and emails. Connect directly with customers in real-time.

Woterloo is the B2B marketplace for the chemical industry.

How is the Woterloo purchasing process?

From slow inventory to stock with competitive pricing, Woterloo will help you sell chemicals fast, efficiently and with the best return on investment. Chemical ingredients sold at Woterloo are supplied by chemical suppliers, chemical distributors, chemical manufacturers and manufacturers with overstock.


Why Woterloo is the perfect platform for chemical distributors and manufacturers? Why Woterloo is more efficient?

Woterloo shows current inventory levels of every company allowing them to convert their stock into cash.


Do you want to sell your stock faster and more efficiently?

Find customers that need your product in real-time and sell you chemicals online with our B2B marketplace.

Who can sell chemicals at Woterloo?

Any company involved with the chemical industry. The chemical market is made of multiple chemical distributors and chemical suppliers that manufacture ingredients.

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[HOW TO SELL] chemicals online with Woterloo?

Optimized inventory

Increase inventory rotation and improve the sales cycle of your inventory. Sell more and sell faster.

Geographic search

Identify market needs of specific ingredients. Capitalize on market opportunities and find customers who are looking to buy from chemical suppliers.

Filter your customers

Filter customers by distance. Use Woterloo interactive map to search for market opportunities. Expand your sales activities from local to global with just a few clicks.Filter your target customers identifying their product needs.

Control sales price

Total control of sales price. Offer fixed or negotiable prices of your products. Adapt your sales strategy based on market conditions.


Use Woterloo dashboard to carry all negotiations in one place.

Sell ingredients in real-time

Sell your ingredients in real-time. Identify customers that need the product you supply. Sell ingredients instantly with our B2B chemical marketplace.

Set up credit terms easily

Set up credit terms easily with clients using their own and unique rating.

Sell your chemicals
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