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Share prices of [Ingredients] for your project with your procurement team.

Request samples in Woterloo for your next project.

Why request samples in Woterloo?

Test and approve new chemical ingredients from supplier and obtain better pricing and quality. Develop new projects with raw materials and chemicals of suppliers that carry a specific product in inventory.


What are the advantages of requesting a sample via Woterloo?

Project success comes from rapid manufacturing and market launch. Woterloo connects your company with suppliers that have in stock the products you need. Woterloo makes companies more competitive, reducing lead times of their supply chain. Suppliers sell faster at more competitive prices. Manufacturers reduce lead times and costs.


Who can order samples in Woterloo?

Woterloo integrates purchasing and R&D departments improving their productivity and allowing companies to become more competitive. Decrease lead times and find the best suppliers.

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How to request a product [SAMPLE] with Woterloo?

Geographic search

Request a chemical sample searching geographically in your area. Use Woterloo interactive map to do local or global search. Need a product urgently? Do local search for same-day delivery.

Filter your suppliers

Need a strategic supply? Look worldwide for the best quality and request the chemical samples you need.

Filter supplier by trade name

Filter supplier by trade name and find all additional suppliers offering that specific INCI name.

Filter supplier by INCI name

Filter supplier by INCI name obtaining a detailed list of specific products.

Request chemical samples in real time

Identify suppliers that carry in stock the product you need for your next project. Order samples of ingredients instantly with Woterloo.

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